In School Learning Starts

15th Oct. 2020

Registration is Ongoing


Elementary School K – 8         Secondary School 9 – 12

U-Can International School in Entebbe, Uganda

We are working with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health to put in place protocols to ensure that your child will be able to learn in a safe and secure environment.

We are happy to announce that in-school classes are resuming 15th October 2020.

Our virtual online learning program will transition into a classroom setting with students attending school on a daily basis. We will also continue virtual learning program for children who are not able to attend a physical classroom due to health concerns.

In addition to the classroom learning program all of our students will spend a full day each week at The Botanical Gardens in Entebbe participating in our Outdoor Education Program.  We feel that the children should spend as much time outdoors as possible during this challenging time of dealing with Covid 19 so we have designed a special outdoor learning experience for them.

  See “Learning Plan for 2020 -21 School Year” tab below for details of our exciting Virtual School Program.

Quick Info about U-Can International School

Virtual Learning & Outdoor Education

Secondary School:  Grades 9 to 12

Elementary:  Grades 1 to 8

Early Years:  Ages 3 to 5


Special Virtual Learning Plan for 2020-21 School Year

 Our Special Learning Program has 3 parts
1. Online Classes for Core Subjects
2. Outdoor Education for Social Interaction
3. Project Learning to Practice Collaborative Math, Reading & Writing Skills

Children find Online Learning to be very challenging. They miss seeing their teachers and social interaction with their classmates. We have designed a program that combines online learning with Outdoor Education and Project Based Learning. This combination will keep the students motivated and excited about learning. (See full details of the Learning Plan on the next tab)

Phone & WhatsApp

Principal  – +256 774 993 433

Director – +256 772 773 378

Give us a call or contact us on WhatsApp – we would be happy to discuss with you how our Virtual School can give your child a great education at an affordable price.


Office Hours

8:00 am to 5:00 pm Mon -Fri

8:00 am to 4:00 pm Sat

School Location

Plot 29, Mpigi Road

Bugonga, Entebbe

Details for the Virtual Learning Plan

 Our Special Learning Program has 3 parts
1. Online Classes for Core Subjects
2. Outdoor Education for Social Interaction
3. Project Learning to Practice Collaborative Math, Reading & Writing Skills

Children find Online Learning to be very challenging. They miss seeing their teachers and social interaction with their classmates. We have designed a program that combines online learning with Outdoor Education and Project Based Learning. This combination will keep the students motivated and excited about learning.


How U-Can will Implement the Special Learning Plan

  1. Online Learning Tools

U-Can will use the following online learning tools for academic classes.

  1. Google Classrooms & WhatsApp
  2. YouTube lessons developed by our teachers
  3. Messenger Rooms (App for video chats)
  4. Our IT specialist will help parents set up online learning for their children


  1. Curriculum Materials & Assignments

U-Can will provide pickup and delivery service of printed materials

  1. Printed curriculum materials and homework assignments will be distributed and collected on a weekly basis.
  2. Completed assignments will be assessed and returned to the students with appropriate remarks by the teachers.
  3. Library books will be brought to the child’s home and collected as needed.


  1. Personalized Instruction

U-Can will ensure that each student receives personalized attention.

  1. Teachers will communicate with every student on a daily basis via Google Classrooms, WhatsApp or a phone call.
  2. Teachers will design personalized learning plan for students who need extra help and will work with the student on an individual basis.


  1. Outdoor Education

U-Can provides Outdoor Ed to give students a break from Online classes.

  1. Learning in Nature at the Botanical Gardens
    • 2 times per week for Early Years —Grade 2
    • 1 time per week for Gr 3 to Gr 9
  2. Swimming & other sports weekly (as sanctioned by the Ministry of Education)


  1. Project Based Learning

U-Can work with students to design and implement Special learning projects.

Students from Gr 4 to Gr 9 will work on actual projects that are designed to include reading, writing, math and social cooperative skills.

Here are some suggested projects.

  1. Renovate shelter in nursery area in Botanical Gardens
  2. Design & print attractive visitor information guide for Botanical Gardens
  3. Design a project to recycle plastic so that it can be put to a new use.
  4. Planning an educational center at Botanical Gardens


Message from the Director

“School should be a very enjoyable and pleasant experience. It should be fun to learn new things.”

The Covid 19 epidemic has presented some serious challenges for the education of our children. The closure of schools has made it difficult to provide ongoing learning opportunities for the children.

U-Can shifted from classroom based learning to virtual learning in March 2020. The new learning style presented quite a few challenges to the students. We were able to help the students overcome these challenges in a number of ways. Our teachers made personal phone calls to their students on a regular basis. We delivered printed lessons to the student’s homes and collected completed assignments on a weekly basis. Virtual learning presents special challenges to the students, parents and teachers. However we believe that by working together the children can still have an enriching learning experience.

We have an enhanced learning program this year that combines virtual learning with Outdoor and Project based learning.  There are four components to our program.

  1. Online learning using Google Classroom, WhatsApp, YouTube Lessons developed by our teachers, video chats and internet downloads.
  2. Printed teaching materials will be delivered to the children on a weekly basis.
  3. Teachers will have personalized interaction with all the students on a daily basis.
  4. Outdoor and Project Based learning will happen along-side the online classes. This will allow for students to have cooperative and social interaction with fellow classmates.

It is a privilege to teach your children and we believe that we can help them have a  fulfilling and successful school year.

Call or WhatsApp me at +256 772 773 378

Visit our website:   www.ucan.co.ug

PS – We have some students who are enrolled live in and around Kampala and we even one student living in America who was visiting family and ended up not being able to return due to lock down.


Downloadable Calendar

Click on link below to download calendar

Yearly Calendar 2020-2021 Covid Schedule

Downloadable Timetable

Click on link below to download timetable

Timetable Grades 3-9

Fees & Charges 2020 - 2021

A Word About Fees During Covid 19

We have found that many of you are struggling to find a good affordable school program for your children during this time of uncertainty.

¨ We operate as an international school  that caters to UN, NGOs and people working for other international entities. In some cases your organization has cut back on education allowances—please talk to us if you are finding it difficult at this time to meet the fee– we will try to accommodate your needs.

¨ Some of you are local business people who would like to see your children in school but the local program is not meeting your needs. We would like to discuss with you some financial assistance options that we have that can help you find a good learning experience for your child.



3 Payment Options Full Year 4 Payments 10 Payments
Pre-K/Kindergarten $1,600 $400 $170
Foundations $2,000  $500 $210
Grades 1 & 2 $3,600 $900 $370
Grades 3 & 4 $3,800 $950 $390
Grades 5 & 6 $4,000 $1,000 $410
Grades 7 to 12 (New) $4,500 $1,125 $460
School Fees  – All inclusive:

¨ Curriculum material, workbooks, school supplies & teaching aids

¨ Personalized Instruction as needed

¨ Outdoor Education & Projects costs

¨ Pickup & Delivery of School Materials

¨ IT specialist helping parents set up online learning for their children.

Registration & Placement Assessment Fee: 

US $100 non-refundable – Payable when application form is submitted

Uniform Fees 

School Uniform  $30—includes shirt, shorts, skirt-shorts, sweater & socks

Sports Kit  $15—Top & Shorts

School Fee Discounts

15% discount for 2nd or any additional child enrolled full-time in the school.

Downloadable Fees Document

Click on link below to download.

Covide 19 Fees 2020 -2021 Downloadable

Our Aim, Our Focus & Our Core Beliefs

Our Aim

“To make learning such an enjoyable adventure that it becomes an exciting lifelong quest.”

Our Focus

We will enable our students to grow and mature through:

  • teaching them to read with understanding
  • developing their skills to write well.
  • emphasizing basic math concepts and how they relate to daily life.
  • inspiring curiosity and a thirst for knowledge with thought-provoking science and social studies lessons.
  • enabling them to learn another language (French)
  • exciting and creative extra curricular activities – drama, music, art, dance, crafts, and sports
  • upholding high moral principles and  building an inclusive family within our school and our community.
Creating A great Learning Experience

We believe that learning is a joyful lifelong adventure. By creating inquiry-based experiences and tools that spark wonder; offer hands-on experiences; and encourage questions, explorations, and individual discovery, we’re transforming the way people learn. Learning this way empowers children to figure things out for themselves—about science, math and daily life.

Our International Smart Curriculum focuses on building a great foundation based on discovery, understanding and critical thinking. A wide variety of extra-curricular activities encourages creativity for children to use their natural mental abilities to figure out the world around them and to have an inquiring mindset that focuses on discovery and investigation.


Contact Info & School Location

Welcome – call us, write us or come for a visit.

Office Hours:   Mon – Fri.  8am – 5pm     Sat. 9am – 12 noon
Talk To Us:  +256 772 773 378  or +256 774 993 433
Email Us: info@ucan.co.ug
Our Location:  Plot 29 Mpigi Rd, Bugonga, Entebbe, Uganda

U-Can International School is located in Bugonga in Entebbe.

The school is right beside the Imperial Resort Beach Hotel.

U-Can is a Member of OEG (Open Education Global)


U-Can International School is part of an exciting 21st century education initiative that includes major universities and colleges around the world.

Open Education will transform the way children and adults learn in this digital age.

Open Education Global is a member-based, global, non-profit supporting the development and use of open education around the world to:

  • expand access to education enabling every person on earth to access and contribute
  • improve the quality of education
  • make education more affordable
  • improve student success
  • foster collaboration and sharing through co-creation of education materials and the freedom to use, customize, improve and redistribute them
  • generate pedagogical innovation using the collaborative, interactive culture of the Internet
  • foster international partnerships and a global participatory culture of learning, creating, sharing and cooperation

OE Global member interests and needs are broad and diverse. Open education has a long history, particularly around providing education opportunities to those who may not typically have access. OE Global continues and builds on that tradition with a focus on new forms of open education enabled by digital technology, the Internet, and cultures of sharing.

Our Vision

Empowerment through education.

We envision a world where everyone, everywhere has access to the high-quality education and training they desire; where education is seen as an essential, shared, and collaborative social good.



Frequently Asked Questions - F A Q s

Registration & Fees

We have ongoing registration. We are able to accept your child when it is convenient for you.

  • Signed Student Application Form
  • Signed Medical Form
  • $100 Application Fee
  • Copy of the birth certificate or Copy of the passport or Identity Card
  • Leaving school certificate/last school report from previous school
  • Two passport sized photo of any individual who will be picking the child up from school

Application package can be picked up the school or downloaded from the Admission Menu

Covid 19 Learning Plan
  1. Virtual Learning for Core Subjects

U-Can will use the following online learning tools for academic classes.

  • Google Classrooms, WhatsApp & Zoom
  • YouTube lessons developed by our teachers
  • Our IT specialist will help parents set up virtual learning for their children


  1. Outdoor Activites for Social Interaction

U-Can will provide Outdoor Ed to give students a break from Online classes.

  • Learning in Nature at the Botanical Gardens—once or twice weekly
  • Swimming & other sports weekly (as sanctioned by Ministry of Sports)
  1. Project Based Learning—Students Working Together

U-Can work with students to design and implement Special learning projects.

Students from Gr 4 to Gr 9 will work on actual projects that are designed to include reading, writing, math and social cooperative skills.

Here are some suggested projects.

  • Renovate shelter in nursery area in Botanical Gardens
  • Design & print attractive visitor information guide for Botanical Gardens
  • Implement a project to recycle plastic so that it can be put to a new use.
  • Design a Student Learning Centre for Botanical Gardens

Yes you can. Because are operating a virtual school it is possible to participate from anywhere in the world where there is a good internet connection.

We currently have students registered in Kampala, Arua and overseas.

U-Can Fees are all inclusive. Tuition, school materials, extra curricular activities, lunch and swimming are included.  There are no added or hidden costs.

Only the school bus is extra. Bus fares are dependent on location of the student’s home.

Elementary Curriculum K - 8

We use the International SMART Curriculum which incorporates the Understanding by Design® (UbD™) philosophy. UbD that focuses on ‘understanding’ rather than ‘memorizing’ information. This curriculum was developed to meet stringent Canadian educational learning outcomes.

U-Can has a wide variety of activities that take place in the afternoon.

  • drama
  • dance
  • handicrafts
  • sports
  • art & creative design
  • outdoor learning
  • trips to zoo and botanical gardens
  • language study

International Assessment Standards used at U-Can

We administer 2 different Canadian Education Standards Assessments to determine if students are meeting the expected learning outcomes.

1. (EQAO) Education Quality and Accountability Office which assesses reading, writing, and math skills.  Province of OntarioMinistry of Ed.  –  administered in Grades 3, 6 & 8

2. (FSA) Foundation Skills Assessment in which students are tested on their reading, writing, and numeracy skills. Province of British Columbia Ministry of Ed. –  administered in Grades 4, 7 & 8 

Yes, the assessment done at U-Can are very extensive and provide a very comprehensive report that can be used to enroll in another school.

Seconday Curriculum Grade 9 - 12

U-Can International School is a partner school to Virtual High School in Bayfield, Ontario. This means that U-Can uses the official curriculum of the province of Ontario in Canada.  In essence we are offering a fully recognized Canadian program here in Uganda.

This has many advantages. Upon successful completion of the Ontario Ministry of Education OSSD diploma your child is eligible to enter any university or college of their choice in North America or Europe.

Ontario Ministry of Education Secondary Curriculum

The Ontario Curriculum for secondary students has designated curriculum documents for the following areas:

  • The Arts
  • Business Studies
  • Canadian and World Studies
  • Classical Studies and International Languages
  • Computer Studies
  • English
  • French
  • Guidance and Career Education
  • Health and Physical Education
  • Interdisciplinary Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Native Studies
  • Science
  • Social Sciences and Humanities
  • Technological Education

Example learning expectation:

Here is an example of a specific learning expectation for a Grade 11 Mathematics course (Functions MCR3U):

“By the end of this course students will: determine, through investigation, how sinusoidal functions can be used to model periodic phenomena that do not involve angles

Sample problem: Investigate, using graphing technology in degree mode, and explain how the function h(t) = 5sin(30(t + 3)) approximately models the relationship between the height and the time of day for a tide with an amplitude of 5 m, if high tide is at midnight.”



What is the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD)?

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma is a diploma granted to secondary school graduates in the Canadian province of Ontario. It is part of the publicly funded province-wide school system. It is awarded to all students who complete the Ontario education curriculum, including students in Special Education, the TOPS program, MaCS program, IB Program, and other focused secondary school programs.

From <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ontario_Secondary_School_Diploma>

The Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD), is a diploma that is recognized by universities around the world for direct admission. From Grades 9-12, students follow academic credit courses leading to the OSSD. The Ontario Minister of Education, on the recommendation of the Principal, awards the Ontario Secondary School Diploma (OSSD) to a student who has earned a minimum of 110 hours of instruction.

Yes, there are a number of options that we have available to assist your child when the have attained the OSSD diploma.

  1. Official transcripts can be forwarded to the college or university of choice.
  2. We work with the OUAC.  The Ontario Universities’ Application Centre is a non-profit organization based in Guelph that processes online applications for admission to universities in Ontario, Canada. This organization works closely with accredited schools like U-Can to help students from abroad enter a university in Ontario.  There are 22 universities in Ontario
  3. We also work with the OCAS.  The Ontario College Application Service is a non-profit corporation created by the Colleges of Applied Arts and Technology and Institutes of Technology and Advanced Learning in the province of Ontario, Canada. There are 24 colleges in the province of Ontario as well as many technical schools.
  4. U-Can and Virtual High School will provide assistance to your child if he/she applies to any educational institution in Canada.


 Achieving Excellence –

The Ontario Government’s vision for education (Government of Ontario, 2014) – was developed by policymakers working with individuals and organisations across the province (parents and students, teachers, support staff, school and system leaders, individuals outside the education sector, businesses and non-profit organisations) to ‘renew’ the vision for education in Ontario and ensure that it is future-focused.

The aim was to ensure that those leaving high school in Ontario are prepared for today’s increasingly competitive, globally connected and technologically engaged world.

The vision seeks to ensure the success and well-being of every student and child, and that learners in the province’s education system develop the knowledge, skills and characteristics that will lead them to become personally successful, economically productive and actively engaged citizens. It is based on four interconnected goals for education which are:

■  Achieving excellence: ensuring that children and students of all ages achieve high levels of academic performance, acquire valuable skills and demonstrate good citizenship.

■  Ensuring equity: all children and students are inspired to reach their full potential, with access to rich learning experiences that begin at birth and continue into adulthood.

■  Promoting well-being: all children and students develop enhanced mental and physical health, a positive sense of self and belonging, and the skills to make positive choices.

■  Enhancing public confidence: Ontarians continue to have confidence in a publicly funded education system that helps develop new generations of confident, capable and caring citizens.Achieving Excellence aims further to:

.                       ■  uncover and develop the potential of all learners

.                       ■  reveal learners’ hidden gifts and spark new passions for future careers

.                       ■ develop compassionate and actively engaged citizens who graduate f rom high school equipped for the technology-driven, globalised world and who are well-rounded individuals with strong basic skills complemented by the critical thinking skills, imagination and resilience to excel in – and create – the new jobs of tomorrow.