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U-Can International School in Entebbe, Uganda.

  • Discover a First Class School right in the heart of Entebbe.
  • Learn about the “International Smart Curriculum”  that gives your child  a solid foundation for lifelong learning.
  • Explore the cheerful and well-resourced classrooms.
  • Meet our well trained and highly committed teachers.
  • Check out the many different extra curricular activities we offer your children.


You will find “ALL The KEY INFORMATION” right on this page!

On this page you will get an overview of Who We Are, an Intro to Our Teachers and Quick Info on fees, schedules, school location and contact info. When you want more detailed info just click on the other tabs and you will find a wealth of interesting additional information.

U-Can International School

“Where Students Love to Learn & Teachers Love to Teach”


What We Offer:

First Class to Complete 7th Grade

Junior High School:  Grades 7 to 9

Primary School:  Grades 1 to 6

Early Years:  Ages 3 to 5


Class Times

8:00 am to 4:00 pm Mon -Thurs 

8:00 am to 3:30 pm on Friday

What We Aim to Accomplish

“To make learning such an enjoyable adventure that it becomes an exciting lifelong quest.”

What Is Our Main Focus?

We will enable our students to grow and mature through:

  • teaching them to read with understanding
  • developing their skills to write well.
  • emphasizing basic math concepts and how they relate to daily life.
  • inspiring curiosity and a thirst for knowledge with thought-provoking science and social studies lessons.
  • enabling them to learn another language (French)
  • upholding high moral principles and  building an inclusive family within our school and our community.

What We Believe is Important

  1.  Our International Smart Curriculum focuses on building a great foundation for life-long learning.

    We believe our learning program will give your child a head start on their journey to life-long learning. But that doesn’t mean it has to be tedious and boring.  We believe learning should be fun.

2.  Our teaching progam is interactive and “hands on” with lots of interesting extra-curricular activities.

Sitting in the classroom doing rote memorization and preparing for tests does not prepare your child to live in our complex and ever changing world.  Our SMART Curriculum has lots of hands-on lessons designed to help your child discover new concepts in a practical way. 

A wide variety of extra-curricular activities encourages creativity for children to use their natural mental abilities to figure out the world around them and to have a mindset that focuses on discovery and investigation.

“To me creativity is not only about being creative in the artistic sense, but also being creative with your acquired knowledge (in problem solving, for example) – so, not only possessing lots of knowledge but also being confident in applying that knowledge flexibly and fluidly.” Maren


Fees 2018 – 2019 R2 JulySave




Message from the Director

BTh (Hist) MA (Leadership)
Beat Odermatt

 Welcome to the U-Can website. Come in, look around and see what makes us special.

Let me share a bit of history with you. I have been involved in providing education to primary and secondary age children for 40 years. I have constructed and managed schools in a variety of international settings. My educational journey has taken me from Canada to Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan and Uganda.

In 2013 we had the opportunity to open a first class international school in Entebbe.  There were two very important objectives that we wanted to meet when we opened U-Can International School.

1. The school must offer a first class international curriculum taught by qualified and dedicated teachers.

2. The school must be affordable as well as a great place to learn.

As you journey through the website you will discover that our curriculum and teaching philosophy provides your child with a solid foundation for their educational journey. U-Can has small classes that are set up in such a way that the children find learning fun and exciting. While we want to be sure the students master the basics (reading, writing, science & math) we also want to encourage their creative and fun spirit with music, drama, art, dance, swimming, sports and handicrafts.

“Good mastery of Reading, Writing, Arithmetic, Science and Character Development are the foundation stones on which all learning and understanding is built.”

Our International SMART Curriculum is designed to prepare your child for secondary school either in your home country or in an internationally recognized secondary program such as IB or Cambridge.

Our fee structure is all inclusive with no hidden charges – books, teaching materials, field trips and lunch are included in our basic fees. We offer a convenient monthly payment plan for those parents who are not sponsored by international organizations. Financial scholarships are available in special circumstances.

We look forward to your visit at our school. Call me for a personal appointment at 0772 773 378

U-Can is located in Bugonga, Entebbe – right beside the Imperial Beach Resort Hotel. No need for a long bus ride to Kampala.

Quick Info

Classes Begin - 15th August 2019


Fees & Charges 2019 - 2020

You can find full fees information on the Admissions Tab

You can find full fees information on the Admissions Tab

French Classes are Now Part of our Curriculum

Image result for our students learn french

  • We have a fully qualified French teacher on staff. 
  • French lessons are part of our curriculum for all our primary and Junior secondary students.
  • French classes are designed to be fun and engaging.

Why Learn Languages

Nine Reasons to Learn Another Language

You’ve heard all the reasons why some people don’t learn languages, many of these founded on long-held myths and misconceptions. The truth is, in today’s increasingly interconnected and interdependent world, proficiency in other languages is a vital skill that gives you the opportunity to engage with the world in a more immediate and meaningful way—whether in your neighborhood or thousands of miles away—while better preparing you to compete and succeed in the global economy.

People who speak more than one language have improved memory, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, enhanced concentration, ability to multitask, and better listening skills.

Nine Benefits of Learning Another Language

  1. Connect!

One of the most rewarding aspects of the human experience is our ability to connect with others. Being able to communicate with someone in his or her language is an incredible gift. Bilinguals have the unique opportunity to communicate with a wider range of people in their personal and professional lives. Knowing the language makes you a local no matter where you are, opening up your world literally and figuratively. You will be shaped by communities. You will be humbled by the kindness of strangers. You will build lifelong friendships. And for these reasons alone, you will see the reward of learning languages for many years to come.

  1. Build Skills You will Use all Your Life

Language skills can be a significant competitive advantage that sets you apart from your monolingual peers. They are among the top eight skills required of all occupations—no matter your sector or skill level—and the demand for bilingual professionals is rising exponentially. In fact, between 2010 and 2015, the number of U.S. job postings specifically geared toward bilingual candidates more than doubled.1 Employers are seeking professionals who can communicate seamlessly with customers in new and expanding overseas markets, as well as serve and sell to a large foreign-born population here at home. Whatever your career aspiration—with language skills added to the mix, you’re ahead of the crowd!

  1. Feed Your Brain

The many cognitive benefits of learning languages are undeniable. People who speak more than one language have improved memory, problem-solving and critical-thinking skills, enhanced concentration, ability to multitask, and better listening skills. They switch between competing tasks and monitor changes in their environment more easily than monolinguals, as well as display signs of greater creativity and flexibility. If that weren’t enough, as we age, being bilingual or multilingual also helps to stave off mental aging and cognitive decline.

  1. Deepen Your Connection to Other Cultures

Language is the most direct connection to other cultures. Being able to communicate in another language exposes us to and fosters an appreciation for the traditions, religions, arts, and history of the people associated with that language. Greater understanding, in turn, promotes greater tolerance, empathy, and acceptance of others—with studies showing that children who have studied another language are more open toward and express more positive attitudes toward the culture associated with that language.

  1. See the World

Traveling as a speaker of the local language can revolutionize a trip abroad. While monolingual travelers are capable of visiting the same places, travelers who know more than one language are more easily able to navigate outside the tourist bubble and to connect and interact with the place and its people in a way that is often inaccessible to those without the language. Learning  a second language also opens additional doors to opportunities for studying or working abroad.

  1. Become a Polyglot

Not only does learning a second language improve communication skills and multiply vocabulary in your first language—yes, really!—but research shows that it makes picking up additional languages a much easier feat, especially among children.3 That’s because when you learn a new language, you develop new brain networks that are primed and ready when you embark on learning a third language.

  1. Boost Your Confidence

Any language learner can attest to making his or her share of mistakes while discovering a new language—often in front of an audience. It’s a necessary part of the learning process! Learning a language means putting yourself out there and moving out of your comfort zone. The upside is the amazing sense of accomplishment you’ll feel when conversing with someone in their native language.

  1. Strengthen Your Decision Making

Studies show that decisions made in your second language are more reason-driven than those made in your native language.4 Contrary to popular assumptions, when we deliberate in a second or third language, we actually distance ourselves from the emotional responses and biases deeply associated with our mother tongue. The result? Systematic and clear-headed decisions based on just the facts.

  1. Gain Perspective

As we explore a new language and culture, we naturally draw comparisons to what is most familiar. Learning about another culture sheds light on aspects of our own culture—both positive and negative—we may not have previously considered. You may find a greater appreciation for what you have, or you may decide to shake things up!



You can find full fees information on the Admissions Tab

School Location

U-Can International School is located in Bugonga in Entebbe.

The school is right beside the Imperial Resort Beach Hotel.

Welcome – call us, write us or come for a visit.

Office Hours:   Mon – Fri.  8am – 5pm     Sat. 9am – 12 noon
Talk To Us:  +256 772 773 378  or +256 774 993 433
Email Us:
Our Location:  Plot 29 Mpigi Rd, Bugonga, Entebbe, Uganda
We are right beside the Imperial Resort Beach Hotel

Click on the link above to go to Admissions page and downloadable application forms.

Teaching & Support Staff at U-Can International Primary School