Admission Introduction

Why You Should Choose U-Can!

Our Vision: 

“To make learning such an enjoyable adventure that it becomes an exciting lifelong quest”

Benefits of Your Child Attending U-Can

1. World Class International Smart Curriculum

2. Great Learning Experience

3. Individualized teaching and tutoring is available for children who need extra help

4. Small class size – maximum 10 to 12 students

5. Very affordable

6. Safe & Convenient – right in Entebbe


“Where Children Love to Learn.”

Ongoing Admissions – Come and Visit Us

We would be happy to arrange a campus visit – we are open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. Call +256 774 993 433 or email: for an appointment.

Admissions Procedure

“Funtastic Friday” Activities

Placement Assessment

Each prospective student is required to do an interview and a Placement Assessment to qualify for a place at U-Can International Primary School.

The Placement Assessment normally requires that your child will spend a day at U-Can where he/she will be assessed by the classroom teacher in the level for which the student is applying. (Alternate arrangements can be made for students applying from abroad).

The Admissions Committee will consult with the teacher and review the recommendations for the child’s placement with the parents.

Registration and Medical forms must be completed and submitted with $100 application fee in order to apply for a Placement Assessment.

 Enrollment Requirements

Your child will be enrolled at U-Can only when all the following criteria are met:

  • Registration, Medical and Permission Forms completed and submitted with the application fee.
  •  Placement Assessment has been completed and discussed with parents/guardians and the appropriate grade has been agreed upon.
  •  Copy of recent school reports (for students entering Grade 1 upwards) provided for student file.
  •  Two passport sized photographs of the student
  •  Copy of the birth certificate or Copy of the passport or Identity Card
  •  Financial Agreement Form has been completed and signed.
  • Initial fees have been paid as per Financial Agreement.

Fees & Payments for 2020 / 2021

3 Payment Options Full Year 4 Payments 10 Payments
Pre-K/Kindergarten $1,600 $400 $170
Foundations $2,000  $500 $210
Grades 1 & 2 $3,600 $900 $370
Grades 3 & 4 $3,800 $950 $390
Grades 5 & 6 $4,000 $1,000 $410
Grade 7 to 9 (New) $4,500 $1,125 $460
Bus Fees (Optional)
3 Payment Options Full Year 4 Payments 10 Payments
Local—1st Child

Within Entebbe

$920 both ways

$460 one way

$230 both ways

$115 one way

$92 both ways

$46 one way

Local—2nd Child

Within Entebbe

$600 both ways

$300 one way

$150 both ways

$75 one way

$60 both ways

$30 one way

Out of Town—1st Child

5 to 15 Km from Entebbe

$1,000 both ways

$500 one way

$250 both ways

$125 one way

$100 both ways

$50 one way

Out of Town – 2nd Child

5 to 15 Km from Entebbe

$720 both ways

$360 one way

$180 both ways

$90 one way

$72 both ways

$36 one way

Registration & Placement Assessment Fee:

One time US $100 non-refundable.   Payable when application form is submitted and student is scheduled for assessment.

Uniform Fees

School Uniform – $30—includes shirt, shorts, skirtshorts, sweater & socks

(One uniform must be purchased at the time of registration)

 School Fee Discounts

15% discount for 2nd or any additional child enrolled full-time in the school.

Bursaries are available for Ugandan Students who have qualified through our placement assessment.

 School Fees  – All inclusive:

Tuition, workbooks and school supplies

Extracurricular activities – music, drama, art, sports, crafts, swimming, most other school activities

Lunch (morning snack provided by the parents)

Computer Lab:

$750 per year—fee will be assessed if student is enrolled in computer classes.

Approx. $400 for computer for upper level classes (if student already has a computer he/she may use that one for school).

Yearly Calendar 2020 /2021

Yearly Calendar 2020 -2021

Aug. 17th – 21st – Teacher Work Days

Aug. 20th – 21st – Registration

Aug 24th – Ist Quarter Begins
Oct. 23rd – 1st Quarter Ends

Oct 24th – 31st Break

Nov 2nd – 2nd Quarter Begins

Dec 16th – Jan 5th Christmas Break

Jan 6th – Back to class after break
Jan 30th – 2nd Quarter Ends
Feb 1st – 3rd Quarter Begins
March 20th – 3rd Quarter Ends
March 30th – 4th Quarter Begins

April 2nd – 11th – Easter

Downloadable Documents 2020 / 2021

Application Checklist

The checklist is provided to ensure that you have not overlooked any items required to process your child’s application. Missing items will delay the acceptance of your child into our program.

Application checklist – downloadable


Application Form & Health Record

The application form provides vital information for students and parents/guardians. We want to ensure the success, safety and security of your child . Accurate information is essential.

The student’s health information is important in the event of sickness/accident. All information is confidential and will only be released to the school nurse in the event of an emergency.

Covid 19 Fees 2020 -2021 downloadable


School Rules

Read these carefully to understand your obligations regarding your agreement with UCIL. Please feel free to meet with school administration if you have any questions.

School Rules Agreement downloadable
School Fees

We have a simple fee structure designed to meet your needs. There ia a convenient monthly payment plan for parents to help simplify your financial planning.

Covid 19 Fees 2020 -2021 downloadable


2019-2020 Yearly Calendar

The school year is divided into 3 terms of almost equal length. We have taken into account national and religious holidays in order to accommodate religious and ethnic diversity.

Online Application